Project Zero

I must tip my hat off to Google for many of its projects! One of them that has been making news for the past couple of years is Project Zero. It is a team of security analysts employed by Google and tasked with finding zero-day exploits (you know, every company’s dream, just kidding).

Recently they discovered “as bad as it gets” vulnerabilities in Symantec and Norton security products. My first reaction was to freak out a little especially since I personally use these products and work with them. The vulnerabilities found allow hackers to compromise people’s computers by sending them malicious code through unopened emails or un-clicked links. Seventeen enterprise and eight consumer and small business products were left open to attack. According to Tavis Ormandy, an English hacker on the Google team, the vulnerabilities have “potentially devastating consequences.”

Symantec his since deployed patches for all vulnerabilities. If you use Symantec or Norton products, please be sure to run updates!