About Us

Data Security Consulting provides expertise in helping you identify, protect, and safeguard your sensitive information. Information mishandling and data loss is often times due to broken business processes, unaware employees, and corporations replying on security tools rather than leveraging a robust security program.
We enable corporations to fully integrate security programs into the culture of the organization and effectively drive risk reduction across the environment. Our services include developing world-class Data Loss Prevention programs, information classification and protection, and DLP managed.
Our passion is to equip customers with customized security programs that encompass specific business needs, security controls, and effective security awareness training that not only improves the security posture of the organization but also enables your employees to be the security-smart.

Our Management

Ligia Forgociu

Ligia Forgaciu, founder and CEO

Ligia Forgaciu brings expert security experience in the areas of technical architecture, application implementations, project management, team management and program operations. Throughout her career, Ligia has provided strategic technical expertise to global organizations and is recognized for designing effective security programs to meet business objectives. Prior to founding Data Security Consulting, Ligia was the lead principal DLP security consultant at Symantec, focused on developing, implementing, and managing strategic DLP programs that bridged the gap between Information Security and business stakeholders. She was recognized for her ability to lead successful customer security programs and was awarded the Top Team Award for her exceptional work with one of Symantec’s most strategic accounts. Prior to Symantec, Ligia worked at IBM implementing network perimeter security and defense solutions for global customers. Ligia holds a Bachelor of Science in Information Security and is an active member of ISSA and the Executive Women’s Forum.