Information is Beautiful

There are so many breaches that occur throughout the course of the year that it becomes hard to keep up. Late last year, I came across a website which I thought provided a very insightful visual into the breaches we are familiar with but also those we are not familiar with. In the interest of being a diverse blog, I wanted to make sure this blog shares sources of knowledge as well as news. While many of you may be familiar with the, I really wanted this post to reach those who might not know about it. The website’s main focus is sharing information by using (in my opinion) aesthetically pleasing text and graphs. One of the most noteworthy visualizations is the page on the world’s biggest data breaches. They show the breaches as little bubbles with the names of the organization and number of people affected. The bigger the bubble, the bigger the breach. There are even ways to sort and filter if you’re trying to do some research or get an idea of which organizations within an industry have been affected by a breach. We would like for you to share some of your sources of knowledge with us as well. You can always e-mail us at [email protected].