Myspace Breach

My first friend on social media was named Tom and if you ever had Myspace, he was probably your first friend too. It’s always interesting to hear about Myspace. For me it’s like hearing about an old friend from high school that you lost contact with; you remember them, you had great memories, but now you’re in different places. Myspace is making news now because of mega data breach it suffered. In their blog they write,

“Shortly before the Memorial Day weekend (late May 2016), we became aware that stolen Myspace user login data was being made available in an online hacker forum. The data stolen included user login data from a portion of accounts that were created prior to June 11, 2013 on the old Myspace platform.

We believe the data breach is attributed to Russian Cyberhacker ‘Peace.’ This same individual is responsible for other recent criminal attacks such as those on LinkedIn and Tumblr, and has claimed on the paid hacker search engine LeakedSource that the data is from a past breach. This is an ongoing investigation, and we will share more information as it becomes available.”

Myspace did not collect, use or store any credit card information or user financial information. However, if you made an account prior to June 11, 2013, your e-mail address, username, and password may have been compromised. To protect users, Myspace account passwords were invalidated and users will be asked to re-authenticate their account upon login.