Breach at CiCi’s Pizza

I’ll take a thin crust with ham, green pepper, olives, and extra sauce, please! When I research data breaches I always take particular interest in food businesses mostly because I’m a self-proclaimed foodie and love to eat out.

Cici’s Pizza, an American restaurant chain, was recently affected with a credit card breach. Patterns of fraud on customer credit cards were detected in the last few months at various CiCi’s Pizza locations. According to Krebs on Security, “hackers obtained access to card data at affected restaurants by posing as technical support specialists for the company’s point-of-sale provider”. Interestingly (CiCi’s point-of-sale provider), was listed as hacked on Google searches stating that it was being abused by spammers.

I have blogged about other food businesses getting hacked such as Wendy’s and Landry’s owned restaurants. I emphasize the importance of considering cash as a payment method to avoid being a victim of credit/debit card fraud.