Data Loss Prevention

Data Loss Prevention

With the ever increasing data breaches and insider threats that face companies on a daily basis, effectively leveraging Data Loss Prevention technologies can drastically reduce data loss risk. Implementing DLP technology is the initial step towards protecting a company’s most critical data. However, the initial phase is where most companies get stuck and being unable to progress, the true value of a mature Data Loss Prevention program is lost.

Based on leading-edge best practices, Data Security Consulting provides a repeatable mature method of properly protecting a company’s sensitive data and integrating fully in the security ecosystem ensuring that DLP does not operate in a silo fashion.

We start with a health check assessment, identify critical areas of improvement, and provide a methodical action plan to ensure the growth and maturity of DLP into a world-class program.

Health Check Assessment

  • Comprehensive assessment of current state people, process, and technology of Data Loss Prevention
  • DLP Program Maturity Scoring:
    • Identifying and protecting critical organization data
    • DLP Policy Maturity and Lifecycle
    • Incident Remediation Workflow
    • Business integration with key stakeholders
    • Organizational Communication
  • Technical Presence: Review the effectiveness of technology implemented and coverage across the environment

Program Development

  • Design a reporting strategy to meet the objectives of the business stakeholders.
  • Define processes for policy creation and modification
  • Design policy lifecycle including policy tracking, refinement, and review cycles
  • Design incident response training
  • Design employee communication strategy and a security awareness training opportunities