Data Loss Managed

Data Loss Prevention Managed Services

Leveraging your DLP technology effectively to protect a company’s most sensitive data involves the combination of people with the right business processes operating in a consistent manner regardless of the continual changing environment. However, organizations sometimes struggle can dedicate the staff necessary to maintain and build an efficient DLP program. Our managed services offering provides organizations with the support they need for operational management, strategic development, expansion, and consistent improvement to their DLP program.

Data Security Consulting delivers customized services to meet your organization’s needs. Our consultants provides:

  • Engage and manage stakeholder involvement in policy development and remediation workflow
  • Define and operationalize DLP Policy lifecycle management procedures
  • Develop and implement the Incident Remediation strategy for each phase in the policy lifecycle
  • Initial event remediation triage of events and utilizing results to improve policy accuracy
  • Implement strategic DLP integration with Human Resources, Corporate Communications, Legal, Compliance and Investigations processes
  • Provide reports, dashboards and recommendations for improved corporate security practices
  • Mature the DLP program to a maintainable, repeatable and operational state


Key Benefits

  • Augment your current team with highly specialized staff who have extensive experience building effective DLP programs
  • Ensure your staff gain the knowledge and expertise needed to manage all aspects of your DLP program
  • Mature your DLP program rapidly into a repeatable, sustainable, more automated data protection service